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What We Do

Focus Areas



We believe that achieving long-term sustainability for kōkako requires the active involvement of everyone. We advocate for, and raise awareness of kōkako, as well as the importance of habitat restoration. Our hope is to inspire and empower communities to take action.


Using our deep and broad ranging expertise, we are able equip communities with the knowledge and skills they need to undertake habitat restoration. We also provide ongoing support and resources to ensure the success of their restoration efforts.

Habitat Restoration

KEEP stakeholders are committed to supporting and enhancing kōkako populations. We work with our communities to support habitat restoration and establish green corridors linking kōkako populations in the Bay of Plenty.

By expanding protected areas of land and establishing these connections, KEEP aims to support the long-term sustainability of kōkako.

KEEP Goals

  1. Raising awareness of kōkako and the importance of green corridors across our landscape.

  2. Identify and protect additional habitat adjacent to the Kaharoa Conservation Area and Ōtānewainuku Forest, and support the establishment of predator control and biodiversity monitoring.

  3. To work with stakeholders to establish a green corridor linking Kaharoa and Ōtanēwainuku, which are approximately 6 kilometres apart. This connection would unite isolated habitats and kōkako populations, facilitating genetic exchange, and dispersal. Collaboration and support from neighbouring landowners will be crucial to achieve this step, requiring the development of new skills and knowledge.    

  4. To facilitate the necessary research required to better understand kōkako dispersal and the role of green corridors in connecting isolated populations.

  5. To work towards supporting similar corridors between other kōkako populations in the Bay of Plenty region.

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